Much more than just a place to work!

Do you believe in the power of the playlist and that the right songs played in the right sequence make a huge difference in any environment?

We create software and mobile applications that manage music, music video and digital signage for thousands of businesses throughout North America.

For over a decade, our software and content management teams have worked together to create killer playlists that entertain, engage and influence.

We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss why we are much more than just a place to work!

Our Core Values

We believe that Values create Value. Below are our Real Values, the specific behaviors and skills we care about most. The more these sound like you, and describe people you want to work with, the more likely you will thrive at 787 Networks.

  • Curiosity
  • Impact
  • Passion
  • Communication
  • Selflessness
  • Innovation

Welcome To 787 Networks

Culture Champions

"We like to have fun, but make no mistake, we are a team of driven, customer focused achievers. We measure success by results and results are only achieved with consistent, professional effort and focus. In other words, slackers need not apply!"

- Jim Juniper, Partner & Co-Founder

"787 Networks has provided me with the opportunity to grow since day 1. I was offered a position right out of college on the Production side of the building and instantly knew this was the place for me. Shortly after, I was offered the opportunity to start on the business development team. I quickly learned that there was certainly a need for our services in the business world and we were offering real solutions to help other business people build their business. We have always put the needs and requirements of our subscribers ahead of anything else and this rings true to this day. Because of this we are highly regarded by many industries and it's a pleasure to speak with long time subscribers and have them tell me that we still exceed their expectations every day. Since my early days in Business Development I've been awarded an Account Management position and have also been moved into a Sales Director position. My input in the company is always both acknowledged and rewarded and it's nice to know that there is always still room to grow both personally and professionally."

Adam Melrose Avatar
Adam Melrose  Sales Director

"787 Networks is a company built on a standard of excellence, supported by its staff and exciting products. The staff members are great to work with and are very friendly, and working in a small company means everyone gets to know everyone else fairly well. It makes for a tightly knit group that can tackle any project. Being part of the entertainment industry, the perks of always having music playing, and no strict dress code make for a fun and relaxed work environment. Career wise, there are always challenges to meet, opportunities for learning, and a great sense of achievement in knowing that work produced here has a direct impact on the outside world and the entertainment industry."

Mike Bryan Avatar
Mike Bryan  Development Team

"I was hired at 787 Networks after graduating college, as a member of the Production and Support Teams. Working in these areas I have witnessed a Team that takes customer service to the next level. 787 Networks is a company that puts the customer first, and every employee strives to exceed customer expectations. It’s nice to be a member of a winning team. The working environment is awesome, everyone is really friendly and you are made to feel at home on your first day. Though everyone is very professional, the workplace atmosphere is casual. Music videos are playing in the background, lunch and snacks are on the house. Most of all, as an employee at 787 Networks you are respected, and made to feel appreciated. I can honestly say I enjoy going to work everyday."

Brian McLachlin Avatar
Brian McLachlin  Production Team