We believe in the Power of the Playlist.

Everything we do is focused on creating the highest quality entertainment experience.

We are the PLAYLIST COMPANY, with effective and laser focused entertainment solutions, innovative technology, and real human support that lives for your success. We help to create positive entertainment experiences which translate into happier customers for your business.

787 Networks is a group of business entertainment networks; each focused on a highly customized approach to the industry or market they serve.

Our Networks

Bowling Music Network Logo

The leading entertainment service for the Bowling Industry, with Music, Music-Video and Live Broadcasts.

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controPlay Logo

Music, Music-Video & Digital Signage platform for hospitality establishments where the bar is the hub of the business.

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fecMusic Logo

Music, Music-Video & Digital Signage that is family friendly and Mom Approved, for Family Entertainment Centers.

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fecMusic SK8 Logo

A custom Entertainment Network designed for and dedicates to the Roller Skating Industry.

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