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We get it, you don’t just want a place to work – you want a place to live, and grow, and succeed in your career.

  • We're a fast growing, successful company headquartered in London, Ontario.
  • We've created a unique, high-energy environment.
  • We work hard and we love what we do.
  • We're all about helping restaurants, bars, retail outlets, and family entertainment facilities throughout North America create targeted entertainment and digital signage programs to improve their business. We solve real world business challenges by enabling marketing and management professionals to work faster and more cost-effectively.

Our sales careers take that culture a bit further – our sales culture is about one thing above all else: numbers.

We love numbers! Nothing is lost in translation with numbers, it’s not about feelings or opinions, there is always a culture of transparency, and it leads us to accurately celebrate our successes just as much as we examine & develop from our failures.

Our Business Development positions have the highest Salary & On-Target-Earnings in our job market for a very simple reason:
We want the best sales talent, period.

We don’t want to worry about our staff turn-over rate, we want to engage our team and succeed together for years.

So for that reason, we don’t hire in large classes and hope a portion “makes it” – we take a longer time to carefully understand and select candidates based on things like sales skills, sales DNA, and cultural fit.

"We hire individually, train and coach individually, provide you with personal mentorship, and do regular career coaching with you so that you’re always moving closer towards achieving your goals – not just our companies."

Jim Juniper  President / Co-Founder

Millennials: we understand - you’re not crazy, you’re not lazy, you’re not greedy… you just want to understand what’s in it for you.

We don’t ask you to wait years for promotions, we ask you to put up numbers. Each new Business Development hire has the ability to drive up their earning to over $80k within their first year. It’s not a flimsy hope or promise – there is a clear, defined career path.

"One of my personal favorite parts of our sales culture is our commission structure, it really takes care of top performers financially.

Our commission is totally uncapped, and continually increases over time – kind of like “levelling up” instead of a commission model where you go back to 0 at the start of the month.

It makes it a lot easier for real sales professionals to feel like they aren’t always tossing their hard work from last month away."

Dan Liska  Director Business Development

We want sales talent that asks “what is my path to $80,000+ / year” instead of how many sick days they get.

We want the guys & gals confident they can continue to put up numbers, not just ride their accomplishments from days past.

We can be a competitive bunch, but if you’ve played competitive sports it’s nothing you haven’t dealt with before!

We provide things like free catering, free energy drinks / pop / snacks, wireless headsets, electric standing-adjustable desks, tablets, 2-3 & 4 monitor workstations, an office entertainment network, the highest starting salary, the quickest career acceleration, and guaranteed promotions & raises – all for one simple reason: numbers.

Our sales culture isn’t about having you generate your own leads or do your own admin work – we have other positions for that. Our sales culture isn’t about restricting how/when you can call, or managing your behavior with discipline – we genuinely believe that 95% of all internal problems in sales departments are a result of either lack of motivation or lack of communication, and those problems are our responsibility to solve as a company – not your burden to carry as an individual.

We are an organization that loves to win, not one that hates to lose.

Here’s what our career path looks like in
Business Development.

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If you know you have the sales talent, take your sales career seriously, love putting up numbers, and are even a little bit curious about what life is like with a sales career at 787 Networks – we should talk.


And if you’re serious about seeing what it’s like to work with us, check us out on Glassdoor.

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  • Commitment to Continued Improvement
  • Respect, Recognition & Reward from Achievement
  • Passion, Determination & Accountability
  • Success Through Unsurpassed Service
  • Supportive, Competitive Team Environment
  • Freedom of Time
  • Healthy, Balanced Lifestyle


  • The Hunt: Researching companies for the key decision maker whose responsibilities are the best fit our services
  • Messaging: Crafting insightful talking points, emails and voice mails that will resonate with our prospects
  • Outreach: Establishing peer to peer conversations with targeted contacts with the objective of setting up introductory sales meetings
  • Collaboration: Brainstorming with peers to improve tactics, process and business acumen

Business Development (open positions) Download Job Description

  • Handle Objections
  • Book Solid Meetings
  • Hunt & Hustle

Title OTE Timeframe
BD Associate $48,500 (60 Days)
BD Manager $56,000 (4-5 Months)
BD Executive $68,000 (7-9 Months)
BD Captain $72,400 (7-9 Months)
Sr. BD Executive $80,900+ (11-14 months)

Solution Specialist (internal hires) Download Job Description

  • Be Available
  • Own Your Pipeline
  • Don’t Sell, Solve

Title OTE Close %
Solution Specialist $73,000 25
Solution Manager $84,000+ 35

Lead Development Specialist Download Job Description

So you’re passionate about a sales career, you know you want to work with a sales organization like ours, but don’t have a verifiable 2+ years of top-performer numbers at other sales organizations?

This is the position for you! This is essentially our farm team program. You’ll be immersed in our sales culture, sit with the sales team, understand our process – our customers – and our expectations.

Within 6-9 months, you’ll be ready for a shot at a Business Development role.

Most importantly, we value and strive to create a strong work-life balance within our organization.

Are you are serious about becoming a high value B2B technology sales professional? Let's discuss how our processes, technologies and training will increase the value of your brand in your chosen field.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcome you to apply by sending your resume to We thank you for your interest, but only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.