What OpenCompany
means to GlassDoor Logo

Recently, Glassdoor launched OpenCompany, a program designed to recognize companies that embrace transparency. Glassdoor’s mission is to help people find jobs and companies they love and in order to make this happen, they think companies should be transparent about their cultures and actively engage with job seekers.

After pondering long and hard about how to best encourage these behaviors, they created a recognition program requiring companies to:

  • Provide transparent information about their size, competition, benefits, growth, etc.
  • Receive healthy amount of reviews from active and past employees
  • Upload photos of their work environment and culture on a regular basis
  • Actively engage with your reviewers by providing responses to their anonymous reviews

What OpenCompany
means to 787 Networks Logo

This isn’t our first rodeo.

We know what you go through when you’re considering switching companies during your sales career:

  • You’ve probably heard promises like “You’ll make 100k here” from companies that have less than 5% of their sales team making $100k.
  • You’ve been shown people in higher roles, but only told wishy-washy things like “work hard, keep your sales high, be a team player” when asking about a path to move yourself into those roles.
  • You’re heard stuff like “fun-loving” “high-intensity” and “fast-paced” about company culture – but they don’t give you any understanding of the challenges associated with the role.
The problem with this is it creates short-term relationships as a result of sales reps feeling “sold” on their new position, and once they experience reality the feeling “goods not as advertised” washes over the sales rep.

It’s that problem that we feel is solved by fostering a culture of transparency: if we’re not a fit, let’s discover that before we work together.

We believe sales reps should go where it’s best for them, if that’s us – great, if that’s somewhere else – also great! You have our unwavering commitment to help you make a career decision that’s in your best interest, not “sell” you on a role.